“Creativity-Innovation” Book Reflection

My book “Visions Of The Future; The Distant Past, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” by Robert Heilbroner written in 1995 explains how our view of the future differs from our earlier ancestors. As an overview, Heilbroner explains there are three different future visioning positions. The first is the Distant Past; which ranges from the Stone Age, through Roman times to even more modern times. The philosophy for that range of time is that things will continue to be like they are in the past. The second stage runs from the 1700’s to the mid-1950s. During this range of time labeled Yesterday, the future is driven by three forces that were unknown in the Distant Past. These three forces are science, capitalism (which could also be explained as industrialism) and lastly the human mind’s ability to be the master of its destiny. The last stage is Today where our view of the future is still linked to those three forces of Yesterday but with a little bit of an edge. Where the force of Science has both fear and hope associated with it and Capitalism, as we know it, has expanded to a global scale. We have seen some governments rise and fall and an opening of new horizons for emerging countries. Currency is changing; from the type claimed by a government, to bitcoins, electronic funds transfer and even tokenized debit and visa cards for mobile payments.

The reviews for this book on Amazon.com are a little mixed. Some state he is too dry and the vernacular used is ‘too dense to enable a sustained read.’ Why others explained that he is succinct, clear, on target and another expressing that he’s understandable, thoughtful, and compassionate.

I consider myself a Tech-Head and enjoy new electronics that enhance our lives! I love the video that Sony opened their annual conference with back in 2009. There are updated versions of the clip, but I’m going to share the original to show how fast innovation and our world is moving!

We are living in exponential times!!!

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