Academia, Perspective of Future Vision and Musings

The first of the five chapters is entitled “Preview” and delves into an academic comparative perspective of how we look at the future from our past perspective and how we view it from our perspective today. According to the author, the concept of “Today’s Vision” as seen from the past and future through the eyes of science, economics & political movements are definitely different. The generation from the Yesterday perspective, looked to the future with confidence because forces were working towards the betterment of the individuals and a collective. This is a much more optimistic view than the generation of today who are jaded because of their view of how science, economics, and political movements appear to have dual, rivaling sides; i.e., threatening and supporting, ominous as well as assuring. It is the author’s perception, through his research, that many in his industry view today’s vision of the future as being marked by a new degree of pessimism.

There was a comparison of third-world, emerging countries versus western countries and how most third-world countries view their future in a positive way much like our country did back in what is being referred to as Yesterday (1800-1950 by means of science, economics & political movement).

After some decompression, I Googled “world economics and our future” and come across a great website with a collection of articles about job markets and predicted shifts in the workplace.

Some of my favorite articles;

  • From robotics vet to holoportation specialist,  5 jobs that could exist by 2030
  • Farewell, job title. Hello, skill set
  • The jobs of the future – and two skills you need to get them. ⃰


Although my book has not discussed jobs of the past, present or future, it did lead me in a creative thought process about current jobs and how easily some could be replaced by technology or robotics. I found the article titled “The jobs of the future” interesting in how it revealed, “…workers who successfully combine mathematical and interpersonal skills in the knowledge-based economies of the future should find many rewarding and lucrative opportunities.” ⃰

I wonder if any of my classmates are having similar thoughts as they go throughout their day-to-day activities; that job can be replaced, no, that job should be safe, etc… The other day,  I drove behind the water meter reader, and it dawned on me that that job will be replaced within the next ten years with a drone robot. They will fly by the house/business to inspect the unit and send back information to the server that will send out the water bills automatically. Yes, it eliminates a job, but the municipality could then put those monies towards jobs with higher skill level hence higher wages or into infrastructure improvements. What are your thoughts?

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  1. It’s definitely interesting to me how quickly our world is changing and how quickly jobs are changing. I was reading about this on another blog as well, and it’s thought provoking to think if these jobs will exist in the next 20 years. Even more so will the jobs that become automated be balanced out by the new jobs? I think oftentimes jobs of the future look very different than they do today. Do students need higher levels of education to be able to fulfill the requirements of those jobs, as most of the jobs that people without an associates degree or higher tend to be becoming more and more automated? I also wonder, someone would have to make that drone that will go by and see the watermeter so do the two actually balance each other?

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