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Exactly what is a Futurist? A Futurist is the professional combination of Mathematician, Scientist, and Fortune Teller who offers predictions of what the future holds. To be considered successful, an individual needs to be able to project five years into the future and predict behavior and trends within an industry.

According to my research, there are three ways to become a Futurist. There is an informal self-taught way – as a professional in a field of study you begin pursuing what is to come in the future, you read, go to conferences, join professional groups such as the World Future Society http://www.wfs.org/ with 40,000 members strong and 1200 professional members who make an active living as futurist (also Association of Professional Futurists, the World Future Society and the World Future Council). The second way is with education, and there are undergraduate and graduate studies in this field; Future Studies at the University of Houston and Hawaii Research Center on Future Studies. And the third path is one of mentorship without a formal degree.

At the time of my research, there were 142 jobs on the job posting site Indeed for Futurist. The job descriptions listed come from a myriad of industries with a variety of skill sets that are needed. https://www.indeed.com/q-Futurist-jobs.html

The Future – Are You Ready?

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  1. This is inspiring! With an ever changing world, technology is improved and can save lives. We are fortunate to have hospitals that are implementing top new ways to serve and take care of patients. The futurist mind-set has enhanced the medical field in many areas, to name a few: braces, pregnancy procedures, heart attacks, chemo-therapy, and the list goes on. We are very blessed to have people that are passionate about make life better.

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