The Future, our ‘Tomorrow,’ rather than ‘projecting’ the future, the author Robert Heilbroner challenges us to question is something ‘imaginable.’

Robert believes there will still be an uneasiness when it comes to science and technology. Some of the examples he shares are things already happening in our present day; our possibility to create weapons, products, or industrial processes that will threaten the fabric of our existence. Will the human race press the issue and create an environmental Hiroshimas? Or interfere with nature by cloning geniuses or participate in the chemical fashioning of our personality? Who will stop the ones who cross the line? Will the business communities monitor themselves with governmental agencies or professional self-monitoring? Is it imaginable that when it comes to an effective response to dangers, can an international cooperative come together to handle the situation?

When is comes to capitalism, commodification is a necessity for a system that must expand to survive. These days you can buy almost anything. Universities are even promoting education as a product and students as consumers. There are fewer and fewer realms of life in which the language of money does not speak powerfully. As we continue into the time period of Tomorrow, the world will experience both normal and transformational economic growth. Machines have replaced humans in the industries of agriculture and manufacturing. What will be the next industry for game-changing, transformational growth?

How do you see yourself being part of the time period of “Tomorrow?”

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