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There are various forms of advertising in newspapers; classifieds, teasers, display or print ads, and ads with coupons or urls for extra information. Newspaper advertising is less expensive compared to advertising in other media, but there is no guarantee that the advertisement will be seen and read. Newspaper readers usually look to the paper for deals and coupons so placing your ad in a newspaper doesn’t guarantee that users will notice it, but readers are looking for deals are likely to see your ad and possibly act on a sale or offer. Small-business owners can capitalize on print advertisements to help increase brand recognition, create new foot traffic and repeat business.

Lane Bryant
The marketing team at Lane Bryant first coined the term “Chubbies” in their 1950s advertisements. This advertisement could have been to introduce the idea that there is a clothing line for overweight teens and young women. Surprisingly, the use of the term “chubby” was created to foster a sense of community among the younger customers at Lane Bryant (there was actually a fashion club).

This advertisement for Chubbettes appeared in the August 20, 1956, issue of LIFE. To differentiate itself from the mall stores, Hamrah’s (a local department store) developed a niche in children’s clothing that included a department specializing in what was then called “Chubbies” – dresses for little girls who hadn’t yet outgrown their baby fat. With a request for catalog, the company included a parenting guide called “Pounds and Personality” which gave advice “about nicknames, her place in the home, active play, diet, appearance, etc.” Based on my research, I’m not sure if the “Chubette” line stuck around but the store did until 2012.

Star Wars
I remember grabbing a copy of the local paper and flipping to the movie section trying to plan what movie and at what location we were going to visit that weekend. This was long before movie apps and website – there were entire pages of newspapers dedicated to this feature. They would have the splashy photo feature ad with theater and show times listed underneath. Most newspapers have eliminated the show times in their papers. Movie ads, of course, want you to purchase a ticket to their show. Star Wars particular ad is capitalizing on the damsel in distress and the intrigue of space. Star Wars captured the world and remains popular today!

Moma Propaganda, a Brazilian Ad agency from Sao Paulo in 2010 created a series of retro future ads for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Skype as part of an“Everything Ages Fast” advertising campaign for Maximidia Seminars. The throw-back vibe captured the essence of old school American advertising and were meant to have a fun feel with introducing these social media giants to Brazil.



Pacific Southwest Airlines
Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) was an American airline headquartered in San Diego, California, that operated from 1949 to 1988 and was the first large discount airline in the United States. PSA called itself “The World’s Friendliest Airline” and painted a smile on the nose of its airplanes and was one of the four airlines that formed US Airways. PSA’s stewardesses were legendary and were a major part of the airline’s success. In this ad, the company uses the infamy of the stewardesses and their high-end planes in a male-chauvinist, cheeky way to increase commuter airline ticket sales.


This ad is promoting the goodness of cooking with lard. The image invokes our desire to be healthy with its visual of an American family at the beach donning their 1950’s bathing suits. But is the ad real or is it a spoof? This ad is not a real advertisement and is a spoof from the British satirical comic Viz, from issue 52, February / March 1992, on page 21. Just like ‘fake news’ some ads are in disguise to make us laugh with ‘fake advertising!’;f=108;t=000833;p=1

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  1. Tabitha,
    Your ad selection and ad analyses are amazing. I am very familiar with Lane Bryant, but I had never heard of the Chubbies line. At first, when I read it I was appalled. Being overweight as an adolescent is brutal but looking at the second ad and reading your analysis I could see how during that period having an ad cater to your fluffy needs could be very helpful when trying to find clothes that will fit comfortably.

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