Greatest Marketing Campaign Analysis – Magazine Ads

InStyle Magazine April 2017 – Loreal & Garnier Ads
This magazine had two product placement/trail size inclusions in this month’s edition. The ads are designed to introduce and let potential customers try the product before they purchase and entice them further by offering a discount coupon. Most ads like these are top heavy with ingredient lists and how the product is healthy for you and the environment. If the customer feels like the product is a better deal and performed just as good if not better than what they already use, there is potential that they may win over a new client.










Departures Magazine – The Fashion Issue March/April 2017
The Ermenegildo Zegna “Defining Moments” ad does not have a product focus but instead uses famous personalities, one older and one younger, in a tropical setting to intrigue the reader to go and explore the website to see what this ad is all about. The landing page immediately has a call to action to join the email list, review products and with continued scrolling, you finally come to our two characters to click and view more of the story. Since this is the fashion issue, the ad does a good job of introducing a story and getting potential customers to engage with the website and to eventually explore more with our debonair gentlemen.

Go Magazine March/April 2017 – Bryson City, NC
Go Magazine is a publication for AAA Carolina club members of which there are close to 2 million members. I am showcasing an ad for Bryson City, NC as I am familiar with destination marketing and how towns are trying to differentiate their uniqueness and lure you to book a vacation. The ad uses the image of the steam train (new attraction for their 2017 travel season) and reference to the Smoky Mountains, a top destination for city slickers to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax. Their tagline “Have A Big Vacation in a Small Town” really radiates with most travelers. As a side note, this small ad runs between $6400 – $7000 per issue!!!







Marco Review Season 2017 – Thunderbird Sailing
My family traveled to Marco Island in the middle of April for our spring break holiday. We used this travel magazine for setting up all of our trip excursions and for most of our meals. Our last day, we sailed with Thunderbird Sailing, and during our conversations with them, we learned this was the largest ad they had to date in the travel magazine (last season was year 3, and they were starting their 4th year sailing with the public). This year, they have started rebooking previous customers and have begun to reap a harvest from word of mouth advertising; being speakers at local events, doing welcome talks at time share meet and greets, rack cards at local restaurants and their local friends recommending them to tourists visiting the area. The ad is trying to get vacationers to book a trip with them. They are using professional photography to paint the picture of beauty and adventure, what you will experience while on your journey. Believe it or not, they have many requests for their dog to be onboard for their trips!

VisitNC Travel Magazine 2017 – Bryson City, NC
The Visit NC Travel Magazine comes out once per year and is delivered to all 13 visitor centers in the state and most travel and tourism offices in all 100 counties in the state of NC. Requests for copies also come from hotel/motel, attractions and retailers to have at their establishments. This Bryson City ad is featured on the inside the front cover of the magazine and costs a cool $37,000 per year. The magazine is featured in print, digital online copy and VisitNC travel app. The ad is appealing to folks looking to vacation in North Carolina and who want to do lot of stuff yet feel like they are in a charming small town. This ad is designed to mostly engage with the adventurous family demographic.

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  1. Tabitha, I really took to the VisitNC travel ad , it shows the reader everything North Carolina has to offer. It has all the fun things family’s would want to do. Great ad.

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