Greatest Marketing Campaign Analysis – Outdoor Advertising

Built Out Billboard – Atlanta Hawks -Kickin’ Off the Upcoming Season with Millsap

The Atlanta Hawks wanted to create something unique to impact the city at the start of their upcoming season. A firm created a 700-pound, 3D billboard showcasing Paul Millsap dunking a basketball. The effect was designed to look as if the billboard is tilting from the player’s weight and encouraged fan interaction with prizes. One of the prized featured a trip to hang out with the basketball Player in Las Vegas, to work out and play video games with him. The billboard generated buzz in Atlanta and across the country in the national media.

Mobile Billboard – Lance Burton, Master Magician at The Monte Carlo Resort

This mobile billboard is advertising an upcoming magic show and is being used to reach motorists and pedestrians near the venue. Mobile billboards can be used geographically to provide coverage to specific venues such as schools, convention centers and sporting events. While folks are visiting Las Vegas, they are always searching for entertaining shows. This ad campaign not only drove around town to attract tourist, it also parked at the venue at night, passing out trinkets and had loud speakers for music and announcements. This type of advertising tends to be effective in tourist destinations.

Digital Billboard – Virgin America

Digital Billboards have revolutionized the advertising industry with their ability to change messages instantly and roll many companies depending on the time-of-site for each location. Red lights and highways with long-range site views have the highest ROI (return on investment). In this campaign, Virgin America launched a digital campaign to promote its new non-stop service from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Newark. The slogan was “Fly Like a Boss” and all entrants received 25% off a future flight and those who used the Twitter hash tag #flylikeaboss saw their tweets on the digital billboards! By using Digital OOH (out of home, meaning reaching consumers while they are outside their home), the airline connected with consumers and also found out makes a comfortable plane ride. What was the biggest surprise to customers? When they mentioned specific amenities in their tweets, those amenities were waiting for them on their discounted flight – talk about a double bonus (Wi-Fi, power outlets, touch screen personal entertainment)!

Bus Shelter Projection – Netflix

Companies that want to stand out on the busy streets have a new media advertising form – Shelter Projection. With this new format, a simple eye-catching ad can be projected to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic, offering tremendous visibility. Netflix is looking to project to a captive audience; ones waiting on a bus or sitting at a red light. Imagine the projection, “You could be watching a movie or You could be watching Nexflix.” Shelter Projection is perfect for out-of-the-box creative, adding a social media element to your ad and sparking curiosity among your target audience. Other shelter formats include vinyl wrap, 3-D build-out embellishments, and digital that can include audio & Smartphone interactions with video and coupons. Many companies can even add ‘smell’ to digital posters – nothing like the smell of popcorn, hotdogs or cinnamon to make you crave your favorite snack!

4D Holographic Water Projection – Jordan Melo M8

The concept from the client was to highlight Carmelo Anthony and his explosive game and align it with the Jordan brand in a larger than life campaign. W+K, a marketing firm from NY stated they “…we wanted to do something more authentic.” Art Director West and copywriter Steele came up with the idea of holograms on water and that was the team’s “a-ha!” moment.

The team also aspired to take the campaign beyond the people who experienced it first-hand stating, “…we had to treat the event as one and make the web experience just as dynamic as what was happening on the pier.” This product launch happened back in 2011 and was written about in all kinds of marketing magazines from all over the world. Today’s projects are in color and have many more modalities involved in a show.


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