Projects for ENT610

Marketing Editorial Calendar and Annual Marketing Budget

Click here for the full Excel version – Editorial Content Calendar Template ENT610

Click here for the full Excel version – Annual Marketing Budge ENT610

SME Interview, Engaging Professional Marketing Services

Mary Anne Baker of Innsight Internet Marketing met with me at the Jackson County library in one of their conference rooms. Her business is run from her home but much of what she does is onsite with clients at their business. She is a boutique marketing firm specializing in working with businesses in the hospitality, tourism destination, and real estate markets. She provides services such as website design & maintenance, social media, photo & video, and claiming and setup of industry listings. Have a question or need some help? Try her resource page or give her a call for a consultation 828-226-4492.

Marketing Activities Calendar & Budget

Strategic Media Plan

I decided to use this class assignment to focus on a real project for the community I live in. The issue of no alcohol sales or production in Graham County is stifling business growth. If leadership will not step up and take on this challenge, the people will!

Myler_Tabitha_ENT610_Media_Plan_Revision – click here for a printable copy!

I was also involved in a year-long project developing Graham Counties Strategic Tourism Plan with business consultant Chris Cavanaugh – click here to view the document. Graham County Strategic Tourism Plan

Situation Analysis
(SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces & Value Chain) 

SWOT Analysis for High School Student Life Coaching
Value Proposition 

HSSLC provides services most families overlook or do not have the time or energy to fulfill with their children. I provide guidance and deadlines for walking your child through etiquette and life skills including; tasks of college sports recruitment, scholarship research, preparing for scholarship interviews and getting ready for their adult life. Imagine, peace of mind that your child is getting better prepared for the world ahead of them; transferable skills into their personal, occupational and family lives. The time we have left at the end of the day is precious – why not discuss accomplishments and milestones instead of having awkward and pushy conversations about your child getting motivated and checking things off their list for getting prepared for their future. This SWOT Analysis goes over the potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of running this type of business.

Strengths – Internal/Positive – positive attributes tangible and intangible within my control

  • Life skills and training that youth need
  • Currently, relationship is established with potential youth clients
  • Affordable for families & their kids
  • Low overhead (Presumably)
  • Confirmed ability to motive & relate to kids

Weakness – Internal/Negative – detract from the value you offer, competitive disadvantage

  • Ideas in a folder & not developed into curriculum
  • Should have started the business while my daughter was still in school
  • Limited instructors/mentors because of their involvements with other projects in the community

Opportunities – External/Positive – reasons for your business to exist and prosper

  • Offering more specialize classes or tutoring
    • Scholarship application assistance
    • Summer program application assistance
    • Math & Science labs
    • Field trips, overnights
    • Socials with mentoring adults
  • Hiring instructors for needed tutoring or specialized training

Threats – External/Negative – beyond my control put business at risk, have contingency plan

  • Kids are lazy and do not want to do the work to be successful
  • Just because “you want it” doesn’t mean you will always obtain it; as in scholarships, acceptance to a program, college, governors program, etc.
  • Parents want kid involved but the kid does not ‘buy-in’ to the program
  • Hard work versus instant gratification

PEST Analysis for High School Student Life Coaching

A Pest Analysis is used to understand changing environments in my community or industry and identify opportunities and threats. Staying ahead and in the know about these factors in business, allows me to work with the changing aspects of an industry instead of working against them. Analyzing these factors helps me avoid starting projects that might fail or if I move to a new region helps me get up to speed faster and recognize the big picture opportunities and threats about a potential new business.


  • no zoning or ordinances, freedom to do with your land the way you wish
  • no business license required
  • ‘Good Ol Boy’ style of government


  • free vs paid vs sponsored
  • there seems to always be middle income and wealthy parents and grandparents wanting better for their children and willing to pay a professional for guidance and labor
  • we have many retired part-time residence that would like to help Graham County’s youth

Socio – Cultural

  • some kids that need it won’t be allowed/parents don’t want to see them leave/succeed
  • do not have the money to participate until sponsor or friends give them a break
  • not make fun of them and let them live their dream
  • so many want to live where they are comfortable with life and do the things they have always loved doing; fishing, hunting (all types of season/different things to hunt all throughout the year, jeeping
  • it can’t be just about the “A” students – they leave and usually don’t come back until retirement years, can I offer a service to the “B/C” students/the ones who will remain as residents and could make a positive impact on our community?


  • Technology overload, sensory overload – how to capture attention
  • Where do you start – are there smarter uses of technology to get the job done faster without side distractions?
  • Internet connectivity is lacking in rural areas so I’ll try to have “classes” where the internet is as good as can be for our area

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

A view of how five key competitive forces can affect an industry and earn profits

Threat Of New Entrants (Barriers to Entry)

The threat of new entrants in etiquette and life skills training within the area I am willing to work is low. There have been a few teachers that have produced a class on table manners and the middle and high schools have banks do a class in checking accounts and budgets. But my daughter explained to me, many of the students that need this life skill training had it too early and need a refresher course. Financially, the barriers depend greatly upon the scale and type of classes that I will offer. Most classes will only require a student to bring their computer and Smartphone. Eventually, when tutoring and lab type classes are offered, an instructor will need to be hired and the purchase and setup for a science and math lab can be expensive. The next barrier to entry involves brand awareness and loyalty. Currently I have a tie and connection to the school because of my children. Usually folks I would consider competitors or who could become potential competitors, are not from the area and do not have the connection to the school or governing bodies for access to the students.

Bargaining Power Of Suppliers (Supplier power)

The power of ‘suppliers’ to control our prices is high due to the limited supply of knowledgeable, relatable instructors that are willing to work with today’s youth. I will have to develop, seek and ask more people to get involved to overcome this barrier. The number of instructors available will limit my ability to offer all the classes that I know are needed for getting today’s youth ready for college, trade school and life.

Bargaining Power Of Buyers (Buyer Power)

The buyer has the ability to control prices depending on the value they perceive of the classes being taught (my buyers are parents and students). If the classes create a change in the students thought processing grid or if parents see a change in the way the child is responding to life’s challenges, there is perceived value and they will continue being a client. Due to the subjective nature of classes, we will need to create feedback forms for both students and parents. If my students truly change their behavior in the way they approach life or obtain scholarships, then our program is successful and we piggyback our marketing efforts on client testimonials and word of mouth.

Threat of Substitute Products

There will always be a large threat of substitutes in any industry and I believe it comes from online competition. I will even predict in less than 20 years, all public schooling will be done from a child’s home or the parent or child’s place of work in the future.  The lacking component of online companies is their ability to build relationships in person; even video conference does not have human touch (at this point, give technology enough time and this will change). Just like the tactile feel of a book versus an e-reader, people crave interacting with other people.

Rivalry Among Existing Competitors (Competitive Rivalry)

Currently, I do not have any local competition. However, as I have success and because it will not take a large amount of capital to get started, I can see the possibility of an individual deconstructing and improving my product and taking it to market. But my personality will attract my type of client and others will attract their type of client. More kids will be taught and modeled too, improving their lives and in return, the community will have a better citizen in the community.

 Projects for ENT601

“Innovation Leadership” Podcast – Future Soldier

Tabitha Myler interviews veterans Steve Myler and Greg McCoy about the future of military weapons. Both guys are avid shooters and were involved in the Gulf War. For inspiration, we viewed the video “Future Soldier Full Length Documentary: Cloak of Invisibility, 21st century warfare” and then got together at The Hub for the interview. We hope you enjoy this 15-minute podcast!


Subject Matter Expert Interview with Randy Jordan, Graham County Land Company 

Thank you Randy Jordan and the rest of the Graham County Land Company team for your hospitality and allowing me to take a few moments out of your busy schedule for conducting this interview!


“At The Movies” – The Aviator

As a group, we created a study and discussion guide that would provoke and guide critical thinking about entrepreneurial innovation and we chose the movie “The Aviator.”

the_aviator-group_ENT601_AtTheMovies FINAL

“Make It Better” Product Review – LG Smart Watch Urbane 1st Edition

This review was produced as an assignment for my Western Carolina University Masters in Entrepreneurship 601 class on Innovation. We were to pick a product, describe the product and give it’s value proposition, discuss strengths/weaknesses and how it’s future might be threatened. I started out with a list of products to review (LED programmable light bulb, Google Home, Phone Charger, Handgun and the Smart Watch) and went with the LG Urbane Smart Watch.

Click on the picture above to be linked to the YouTube video!!

Innovation on a Napkin – Animated Media Exercise

I researched about 10 different companies and finally decided to go with for my project! Like all new tools and software, there is a learning curve to hurdle but this project was fun,  entertaining and makes me excited about the direction Marketing and Advertising will be headed in the future!

Click on photo to link to Animated Video project! Enjoy!!